European manufacturer of Pulsed Light technology for dry eye treatment.

Thermafine owes its origins to the need to develop innovative solutions to qualitatively improve medical and aesthetic aspects of people's lives.

In 1980, its founder J. López was a pioneer introducing laser technologies in Spain for its application in the medical field.

Likewise, it was also one of the first companies to develop and manufacture a Radiofrequency device, for its application in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Our evolution has allowed us to expand the catalog of products, thanks to the experience obtained from medical specialists, which have allowed Thermafine to name itself.

Continuidad y Expertiese
Made in Spain

Time line

Our origins date back to 1980, when the need to develop innovative solutions to qualitatively improve medical and aesthetic aspects with laser equipment was identified.


Application of diathermy and infrared laser beams

In 1980 we began developing the first radiofrequency equipment for the application of diathermy. Parallel to the commercialization, the research and development department was created for new laser and radiofrequency applications, both therapeutic and surgical. We were pioneers introducing laser technologies in Spain for their application in the specialty in the medical field.


Research and development of plasma ceramic electrodes

In 1984 we developed plasma ceramic electrodes, under patent, for radiofrequency treatments.


Patent*: Infrared laser and diathermy application

In 1989 we were pioneers in the development of diathermy equipment combined with infrared laser, with the creation of the utility model patent: Infrared diathermy and laser.

* 61N1/18


Surgical laser

In 1998, a project was carried out, at the state level, for the development of a CO2 surgical laser, sealed cavity type.


Bipolar RF Creation

In 2004 we developed the bipolar radiofrequency system, which has been widely used ever since. We patented the Bipolar radiofrequency, or high frequency, applicator for skin tissue therapies.

*A61N 5/02 y * A61N 1/06


Patent: High frequency applicator

In 2005 we patented a second high-frequency applicator for skin tissue therapies: High-Frequency applicator For Skin Tissue Therapies


Publication: Lasers In Surgery and Medicine.

In 2008 the scientific study “The effects of Radiofrequency on Skin” was published. [1] In the prestigious journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. In this study, our innovative RF equipment Themafine Lif was tested

[1]The effects of radiofrequency on skin: experimental study
N Alvarez, L Ortiz, V Vicente, M Alcaraz… – Lasers in Surgery …, 2008 – Wiley Online Library


CSB Electronics & Dry Eye.

In 2014, it was proposed to open a new line of equipment research for the treatment of dry eye disease, and we created CSB Electronics®, as a manufacturing company, with ISO 13485 standards, and CE certification.0051. From this research came our LIUR® (Ultra Regulated Intense Light) system, registered trademark of CSB Electronics®. The research carried out was the origin of the Thermadry and Lacrystim equipment, the latter for QM, which, through a clinical study, demonstrated the effectiveness of the LIUR® system.

Trone et al. BMC Ophthalmology (2022) 22:335

At the moment

Treatments with light, RF and thermodynamic waves.

Currently, Thermafine® (manufacturing as CSB Electronics) is considered one of the European manufacturers of international reference in Pulsed Light technology with the LIUR®, RF and Thermodynamic Waves system.

We are focusing our efforts to investigate the benefits that electromagnetic waves and light have on the human body, based on studies of how cells interact with them, as well as innovating new applications in the ophthalmological field.

We have a commitment to the environment

We manufacture our equipment without planned obsolescence and give our devices a long useful life.

Since 1980 the following values have defined us

  • Service vocation

    Passion for research of our equipment and development of solutions and treatments.

  • Commitment

    So that the functions of the equipment meet the expectations and needs of the users.

  • Sustainability

    We develop and manufacture equipment with minimal environmental impact.

  • Oriented towards quality

    Through a proactive attitude, and with the aim of improving the service we provide on a daily basis.

  • Oriented to innovation and technology

    Innovation as the differential axis of our proposal for medical and aesthetic solutions.
    Technology as a facilitator of the effectiveness of our teams.

  • No planned obsolescence

    We manufacture our equipment without planned obsolescence, we are committed to the environment and we give our devices a long useful life

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