Virtual mesotherapy equipment

virtual mesotherapy

It is a technique that uses appliances to achieve the penetration of an active product without physically breaking the protection that the skin gives us.
A non-invasive treatment can be considered.

The treatment is carried out with an electronic device that emits electric currents and can be accompanied by other elements to stimulate the skin and allow the active products to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.

These products may include vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and other ingredients that help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin..
Virtual mesotherapy is a non-invasive alternative to traditional mesotherapy, which uses injections to apply products to the skin. The goal of virtual mesotherapy is to achieve the same results as conventional mesotherapy, but without the need for needles.

Electroporation is a technique that allows opening pores in the cell membrane through which active ingredients can penetrate.

Action mechanism

Based on the fact that the skin is an important barrier to product penetration, there are four current mechanisms used by virtual mesotherapy, radiofrequency, sound, iontophoresis, and light equipment.


It is the basis of most of the current equipment, radiofrequency favors penetration by increasing the temperature (effect) which causes an increase in microcirculation (result) and favors the penetration of the product. As an inconvenience, it is that by increasing circulation it also facilitates the rapid elimination of the product.


Some equipment uses LED light as a factor to help the penetration and stimulation of the area. The light has an effect of increasing microcirculation, but it has other trophic effects on the tissues that we will see later when talking about laser light.

New concept of virtual Mesotherapy.

A team that combines 3 technologies.


It has been proven and its effectiveness shows that it is the best system for the penetration of products and is the base of most of the current equipment.


Instead of using a led light, different lasers are used to enhance the effects of the different treatments. There will be 3 different lasers and they will enhance the treatments:


After the treatment, the area will be refrigerated to reduce vasodilation and favor the permanence of the product in the target area.

Why do we use refrigeration after treatment?

We use refrigeration to finish the treatment and the reason is that, as to achieve the penetration of the active product, we have the disadvantage of increasing the temperature and also the circulation, it also facilitates the rapid elimination of the product and, we, refrigerate after the treatment to prevent the product from quickly disappearing from the area, enhancing its effect.

equipo RF mesoterapia virtual. Tratamientos rejuvenecimiento y reafirmación

Advantages of the Experience VM method

Ease of penetrating the products

no need for needles

Experience-VM controls the rise in temperature

avoiding the inconvenience caused by the effect of heat to penetrate the product, achieving greater effectiveness.

Iontophoresis devices need to use polarity

of the products, so you have to know it and it has no effect on neutral products.

Main challenge

The main challenge of virtual mesotherapy consists in delivering the active ingredients to living tissues with sufficient concentration so that the applied substances can cause the desired effects. Here it should be remembered that the skin constitutes a natural barrier to the passage of foreign substances into the body and that therefore, in order to pass through the skin, substances of any kind must go through: the stratum corneum, the epidermis, the dermis.
Only after that the active principles can reach the dermal vascular plexus or dermal papilla. The following routes of transcutaneous penetration are currently used:
Via  transepidermal and adnexal pathway.

The penetration of substances into the skin usually triggers the following types of processes

The opening of pores is produced by the application of an electromagnetic field generated by high frequency applied with capacitive electrodes.

The frequency of this current is important because it is what makes it possible to keep the cell membrane pores open long enough for the product to penetrate without causing cell death.

In turn, the characteristics of this radiofrequency must modify the value of the normal membrane potential (-90mV) to values between 240 and 330mV. With this potential, a greater number and size of the pores generated is achieved. This process is reversible, it only occurs when there is the presence of energy. The passage of substances through the pores does not depend on their hydrophilic or lipophilic character.

With this technique, by increasing the absorption of the product in the treated area with respect to the untreated area, we achieve the effect of localized treatment, the same objective that is pursued with traditional mesotherapy.

If we look at the entire process, the more substance that crosses the epidermal barrier, the more substance that is likely to be introduced into the cell through electroporation and therefore its effects will manifest more intensely. For this reason, if we use a system that helps us to increase epidermal transit (such as increasing the surface temperature of the skin), this will decrease the viscosity of the product and facilitate its diffusion, an effect that we can achieve by using resistive bipolar radiofrequency. .

In turn, this increase in temperature – which must not exceed 5ºC – will mean deeper heating that will result in an increase in the kinetic speed of the reactions and, therefore, in an increase in the effect of the product.

In this process, if we compare it with traditional mesotherapy, we must take into account the difference in concentrations and types of active ingredients that can be used in aesthetics with respect to medical products. It is an aspect to consider that should guide us to the use of effective formulations.

Treatments to make

Facial and body treatments can be performed on areas of the face, neck, neckline, hands and other areas of the body that need treatment. Also treatments in the body area, abdomen, cartridge belts, thighs, for localized or anti-cellulite treatments. It does not require recovery time and the results can be visible after several sessions.

Exclusion criteria

Treatment is contraindicated in the following cases




Wounds and skin diseases in the area to be applied.


Personnel with pacemakers.


Caution in epileptic people where anxiety can trigger an attack.


Existence of metal prostheses in the area of application.


On moles or premalignant skin lesions.

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