ThermafineRadikalepil is the newest revolution in photoepilation that will win out against other technologies in this sector.

More than being equipped with the latest Thermafine “diode effect” technology, ThermafineRadikalepil achieves better results than competing diode laser, and other, systems. It is outfitted with the largest applicator on the market, offering an effective 22cm² surface area in a single pulse. This helps avoid sweeps that reduce its strength. Besides obtaining better results than other systems, it offers an unbeatable treatment speed.

For example, the procedure takes only 20 minutes for man’s legs.

The innovative technology used by Thermafine in the Radikalepil has these advantages:

  • Maximum profitability
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Performs up to 4 times more treatments in the same amount of time
  • Painless
  • Expands target demographic
  • Minimizes risks and contraindications
  • Expands business with photorejuvenation, acne, cuperose, and spot treatments

Aside from simply a lower price compared to similar treatments, or the fact that triple, or more, the procedures can be done in the same amount of time, their marketability also lies in their minimal upkeep and it is easy to order replacement applicator heads. Altogether, customer loyalty and word of mouth come as a result of achieving 100% results and the ability to do more than just hair removal.

All the comparative and experimental tests performed with professionals in this field who already use ThermafineRadikalepil, guarantee that this is, without a doubt, the most economical and profitable equipment on the international market.

Again, as a business that is actively against planned obsolescence, Thermafine openly allows its clients access to upgrades so that no client feels their technology is outdated.

Technical Specifications


  • APPLICATOR 1: 22.1cm²
  • APPLICATOR 2: 8.1cm²
  • Programs: Photoepilation; Photorejuvenation; Acne; Cuperose
  • Power: 1.200W
  • Dimensions: x 36cm x 36cm (height with wheels)
  • UV Filter: Absolute and double
  • Applicator: 2 units
  • Screen: Touch
  • Intuitive menu
  • Custom transportation case: Optional