Thermafine Lift is a new technology designed exclusively for the “Thermafine method” of application to provide the best anti-aging treatments through its powerful collagen regeneration and facial muscle toning. This allows us to “erase” wrinkles of expression and fix unwanted frown lines (cheekbones, eyebrows, rictus, etc.)

Thermafine Lift carries over all of the same characteristics that have contributed to the success of the “Thermafine method” in the national and international markets. Among them is the exclusive MTO (Multilayer Thermal Obstruction®) technology, newly improved to obtain better, longer-lasting results.

The process is performed with the exclusive Thermafine plasma sprayed ceramic electrode applicator.

As a business that is actively against planned obsolescence, Thermafine openly allows its clients access to upgrades so that no client feels their technology is outdated.

Technical Specifications

High-frequency type: Intertwined waves

Application frequency: De 2 MHz a 12 MHz

Maximum power: 200 W

Mains voltage: 110 / 220 Vac

Mains frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Absorbed current: 1,25 A

Electric power absorbed: 275 VA

Weight: 19 Kg.

Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock: B

Size: 66cm x 32cm x30cm

Custom transportation case: Optional

Infrared Thermometer: Optional.


Facial applicator

  • Treats flaccidity and sagging through the stimulation of collagen
  • Treats crow’s feet, bags, and nasolabial furrows
  • Facial reshaping
  • Eliminates neck and neckline wrinkles

Hair treatments

  • Depending on the type of alopecia, such as nervosa, it can yield great results.