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Thermafine is the Spanish brand internationally recognized in high quality cosmetic treatments, and used by renowned professionals for over 15 years.

Our R&D team has more than 30 years of experience in the development and application of technologies in the medical and cosmetic fields. Collaborating with the best medical professionals, therapists, and beauticians, has allowed Thermafine to maintain its position as a leader in quality and the development of new technologies. As a result, Thermafine now uses the revolutionary MTO® (Multilayer Thermal Obstruction) technology. Using IPL RADIKALEPIL (the diode effect), it is the most profitable and efficient technology in photoepilation. It incorporates the strongest and most effective cold laser diode on the market, which uses twice the regular amount of simultaneous wavelengths, as well as the revolutionary MTAO® (Multilayer Thermal Adipose Obstruction) system. It is the only technology in the world that eliminates localised fat and breaks up adipocytes, strengthening and regenerating skin while avoiding flaccidity. All technologies exclusive to Thermafine.

Thermafine is the leading Spanish manufacturer that develops, designs, nationally produces, and exports 100% of its own technology.

User-friendliness and high efficiency, combined with profitability, places us in high standing with endorsement by leading professional specialists. Our clients have been able to test the advantages hand in hand with teams and technologies, showing positive results in 100% of the tests carried out.

Our philosophy is to offer our clients complete solutions, giving both them and their patients the most efficient and beneficial results. To achieve this, we rely on several things:

The latest technologies developed by our R&D, department made up of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the field of applying lasers, radio frequency, acoustics, and electronics to medicine.

image011The independent medical studies that attest to the effectiveness and safety of treatments. Production by CSB ELECTRONICS with the TÜV certified quality management system according to the ISO 9001 norms for quality and manufacturing of medical instruments.

Little or no equipment maintenance costs, and a manufacturing quality that prevents most problems, outside of misuse.

A reasonable price for parts and labour.

Fast and efficient technical support services across Spain, Western Europe, and the Americas.

All of this adds to the fact that Thermafine is a brand that rejects planned obsolescence. As a result, once on the market, the equipment functions reliably from its first year of manufacture. Additionally, all our equipment can be repaired and upgraded.

The professional team responsible, from start to finish, for the development, design, manufacture, training, and marketing of Thermafine products, proudly strives for excellence in both product quality, and in the satisfaction of our professional clients and their patients. Therefore, we maintain open relationships with our clients to support them, as well as to get their feedback, suggestions, and ideas, which then help us to improve daily.

Thermafine is currently in a period of expansion, and we are grateful for your interest in learning more about us.


Our chief engineer and their team are responsible for the introduction of internationally recognized technologies, such as laser and radiofrequency, into the field of cosmetic medicine. This is done in collaboration with older companies, providing their own technological and commercial advice.

Our patents on these technologies is evidence of our experience and level of technological innovation with their commercial applications.

Thermafine is the Spanish brand name in high-tech equipment, with the most experience in non-ablative cosmetic medicine. For over 15 years, Thermafine Lift has used MTO® (Multilayer Thermal Obstruction) technology in non-surgical “face-lifts”. Today, it remains the most effective technology, through its powerful regenerative effects on collagen and elastin, as well as its ability to strengthen and tone facial muscle. This was published in an independent scientific study for the prestigious magazine, “Lasers in Surgery and Medicine”, citing this equipment as the worldwide industry leader.

As a result of such success, Thermafine has been established as a brand of highly efficient and effective technologies, rather than just an industry trend.

The Thermafine team is a large family that brings together the company’s employees, commercial network, and their clients. Our close proximity with industry professionals allows us to help our clients as well as bring their expertise directly to the patient. Always open to the feedback and experiences of our clients, we are constantly improving in order to offer better quality.

Our aim is to continue collaborating every day with more professionals, everywhere.


We always provide specialists and medical experts with an education and ability to understand why this technology works. This way, our clients not only obtain important, theoretical knowledge about each technology, but also a practical understanding that ensures successful procedures, taking full advantage of the best possible technology. We also offer a recycling program to our clients for technology and protocol innovation.

Again, Thermafine prides itself on being a brand against planned obsolescence by providing equipment that remains functional from its first year of manufacture. All our equipment can be repaired and upgraded. Actual results, and not just marketing campaigns, help professionals appreciate the quality we provide.