Say “no” to planned obsolescence

Thermafine is a brand that is actively against planned obsolescence.

Our products are not made to stop working. We are conscious of the fact that our current economic system is one that is not always the kindest or most honest. We are also sometimes victims of this system, too, since we purchase thousands of small electronic components for use in the design and manufacture of our technology. However, our manufacturing process is planned so that our equipment requires the minimum amount of maintenance, if any. Instead of clients having to re-purchase a newer model of the same technology that is continually improved year after year, all of them are supplied for upgrades upon request. We are also committed to providing machine that are reparable, irrespective of their year of manufacture.

We believe that planned obsolescence is not beneficial to our world.

Tratamientos Thermafine antiaging

Thermafine activates natural mechanisms.

Most importantly, the Thermafine technologies’ philosophy is to activate natural mechanisms in living tissues that healthily enrich and improve their state. These same mechanisms act to rid or prevent unwanted processes.


Maintaining a continuous dialogue and collaboration with scientists and medical professionals, as well patients, is a daily source of inspiration for improvement. It also helps us remain focused on our main objectives of providing quality R&D, service, and help for our clients in their fields. We offer them technologies that help them in their work so that they see positive results in their patients and their environment.

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